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Comrades, for those who don't know Jericho 98 is a campaign launched to draw attention to political prisoners in the USA. The campaign will reach its peak on March 27 in Washington DC. Up to 100,000 people are expected to march to the White House. Protester will demand the US government recognize there are are political prisoners in the USA, also they will demand amnesty and freedom for these prisoners of conscience.

The importance of this event can not be stressed enough. We at the CSP have launched a propaganda campaign to do our part in publicizing the event. We have created a poster which is available to print, it should fit almost perfectly on one page printed with a bubble jet printer. We would encourage everyone to print off a few copies of the poster and place them at universities, workplaces, bus stops etc.....

With everyone's help we can make Jericho 98 a Great success, Onward to Jericho 98!

 Jericho Poster