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(A brief writeup and actual photos of members coming soon)


Comrade Danton is a recent University graduate from the small Island of Cape Breton. His first experience with leftist thought occurred quite incidentally only 3 years ago when he viewed a documentary on Russian Revolution. Since then Danton has been busy developing his political Ideas. Danton has been quite intrigued by the development of the internet and feels it can be a very powerful tool used to further the socialist movement. Danton founded the CSP in December in 1997. His objective was not to have the CSP replace Socialist parties currently in existence, but instead aid them in their progressive activities.

Danton feels the internet can be used as an effective tool for spreading propaganda, for organizing propaganda drives, for international discussion, for publishing articles and for increasing the visibility of existing communist parties world wide. Danton hopes the CSP will be a gathering place for progressives to discuss, create propaganda, write articles and organize. Danton has expressed his delight that only 4 short months after the founding the CSP there are now members from 13 different countries involved. Danton can be reached at

Home: Cape Breton, Canada

CHE: CSP Vice-Secretary General, Propaganda Coordinator, Cuban Revolution/Che Guevara Specialist

CHE is an ardent socialist and committed to the cause of ending the capitalist reign in our world. He is a great supporter of the Cuban Revolution, with Ernesto "Che" Guevara being the biggest political influence on his life. He was enlightened to socialist thought when, out of curiosity, he read Marx and Engles' "The Communist Manifesto" two years ago. He then went through a period of intense, critical thinking whereby he examined the ideas and notions he had been fed by society from an early age. He wondered why he automatically associated capitalism with justice, and why he recognised it as the only viable political and economic ideology. It was then that an epiphany occurred, and he realised he had to shed the political thoughts he had followed blindly almost his entire life. He then went on a "crusade" in an attempt to read everything possible on The Cuban Revolution and Che Guevara. He found solace in the struggles of Che and Fidel, and acquired a sense of wonderment he had never before felt towards the Revolution. You can visit his page CHE'S DEFENSE OF SOCIALISM or e-mail him at SOCIALISM OR DEATH!

Home: Canada

Dheeraj Jagadev: Asian Affairs

Dheeraj currently resides in the United States although he's originally from India. He has had first hand contact with socialism and communism. Marx, Fidel, and Che are just among the few of the ideologues Dheeraj follows. Dheeraj is also in the midst of putting together a Cyber Communist Party ( Most people have a general mistrust of human nature. Dheeraj, on the other hand, believes that human nature is also dependable provided that the circumstances they've known are favourable. We're creatures who have the power to think which We should utilize for the advancement of the human race throughout the world. Colour, sex, ethnicity, nationality, and religion shouldn't be barriers. Instead people should revel in the diversity around us. These differences should be unifying factors not barriers to becoming better human beings.It's time we got rid of national boundaries so that that we can work towards one nation, one world with different people.

Home: Originally India, Now USA

Benale Juarez: Translater, Head of Mexican Affairs.

Benale was born in Mexico the 14 of July 1978, He's 19 years old at the moment. His activism started about 1995, when the Zapatistas were attacked by the police. In 1996, when he entered the University, he became an activist in the CEU or University Students Congress. He started reading marxists text when he was about 15, specially Marx and lenin, later on he studied Mao's thought, specially whitt the guerrilla movement in mind. He has read a few books by trotsky, Che and many speeches by Fidel Castro. Benale is currently a militant of the Democratic Socialist Current of the PRD or Democratic Revolution Party and sympathize with the PRT (Workers Revolutionary Party, fourth internationalist). Benale has taken lectures with Dr Adolfo Sanchez Vasquez, one of Mexico leading marxist philosophers. He studies the fourth semester of philosophy in Mexico's UNAM or National Autonom University of Mexico. At the moment he's working in the Citys new leftist governmet. For his political ideas, he considers himself a marxist and feel close to Marx philosphical work, such as his 1844 manuscripts. Benale is also a "latinamericanist", following amy of Guevara and Fidel thesis on thirld world, as well as Marxist latinamerican philosophers such as Mariarteggui, Sanchez Vasquez, or trotskist thinkers like Lowy or Mandel.

Home: Mexico

MTX : Resident Trotskyist

Comrade MTX is a Trotskyst from Quebec. MTX is currently a member of the RAP(rassemblement pour une alternative politique) a wide front uniting a lot of Quebec's Left. He is now in the process of writing a book about Marxism,Trotskysm and today's world communist movement.If you need to talk to him just mail him at

Home: Quebec, Canada.

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