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In the name of its 130 million members in all continents, the World
Federation of Trade Unions fully supports the position taken by the
overwhelming majority of member States of the United Nations declaring that
the crisis over weapons inspection in Iraq be resolved through diplomatic
means and that military measures, including US plans to bomb sites in Iraq,
should be avoided at all costs.

The victims of any such bombing will be the children, women and men of
Iraq. Already, as a result of the economic blockade, one million Iraqi
citizens have perished, including 600,000 children. It is high time to
stop this blockade which has become an instrument of mass destruction.

The implementation of UN resolutions on Iraq should be achieved through
the well-established procedures and diplomatic channels. It is totally
deplorable that the US Administration which fully supports the declared
position of its allies in Israel not to implement the resolutions of the UN
Security Council, should choose to unilaterally impose its military
measures in the name of ensuring compliance with UN resolutions. Nor has
the US Administration implemented the UN General Assembly resolutions,
repeatedly adopted year after year, to lift its blockade of Cuba.
Moreover, no country can claim the right, on behalf of the United Nations,
to military measures which will totally imperil the civilian population.

The WFTU calls upon trade unions in all countries to act in time to avert
the threatened military conflagration which threatens peace in the Gulf
region and all over the world.

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