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Foreign party and state leaders support Korean people's cause of justice

Pyongyang, February 13 (KCNA) -- Party and state leaders of different countries expressed support for the Korean people's
cause of justice when they met DPRK ambassadors. Democratic Congolese President Raurent Desire Kabila said on February
4 that the exploits and experience established by President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il are the precious wealth from
which they should learn. Hoping Korea would be reunified independently and peacefully in the interests of its people, he
declared that the government and people of Democratic Congo will always stand on the side of the Korean people. On the
same day Zimbabwean President Robert G. Mugabe said that led by General Kim Jong Il the Korean people will surely
overcome the difficulties and win the final victory. Expressing full support for Korea's reunification, he said the Korean people
will certainly reunify the country under the wise leadership and distinguished tactics of General Kim Jong Il. On February 3, the
Chairman of the Republican Party for Freedom and Development of Cambodia, said: I am convinced that the Korean people
will achieve a brilliant victory in the struggle for national reunification and prosperity under the wise guidance of H.E. Marshal
Kim Jong Il, their supreme leader.

Korea optimistic of final victory

Pyongyang, February 3 (KCNA) -- Korea has started the forced march for the final victory. Korea made the "arduous march"
till the end of last year to overcome food shortage and economic hardships caused by serious natural disasters and the
anti-socialist offensive of the imperialists. The Korean people successfully tided over ordeals and difficulties through the march
for years and made a breakthrough in fresh advance and leap. The monolithic leadership system of General Kim Jong Il has
been more firmly established and the revolutionary ranks purified politically and ideologically. Big achievements were made in
the socialist economic construction. The nationwide land management has put the country on a new look. The Korean people
on the forced march for the final victory are in high spirits. All provinces, cities and counties of the country are following Jagang
Province in building medium- and small-size power stations and all sectors and all units are increasing production and hastening
construction. "Let us see who laughs last. Victory is in store for us", this is the steadfast faith and courage of the Korean people.
Optimistic is the final victory of korea under the wise leadership of General Kim Jong Il and based on the inexhaustible strength
of the people rallied in one mind and firm foundations of independent national economy.