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Free US Political Prisoners Now!
The United States government has been successful in refuting the existence of  political  prisoners and prisoners of war within its borders mainly because we, the public, have permitted this lie to exist through our collective silence and passivity. As a result, political prisoners and prisoners of war have continued to languish in sub-human conditions, to endure brutality and torture, and to be denied the impartiality implicit in due process, all because of their political  beliefs. Anywhere else in the world we call this political repression.   

My legs are tied with rope, and my arms are bound at my side, but I smell the sweet perfume of woodland flowers and hear the birds,  it's impossible to keep these from me.
Anyhow, now the road is not so long,  And I am not alone.

                                          --Ho Chi Minh

March 27, Washington DC: Jericho March for Freedom            

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