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                                Groupo Ayacucho (Peru)
                               "Combatiente Guerrillero"

     Combatiente Guerrillero - Guerrilla Fighter

     Arranged and preformed by Groupo Ayacucho,
     Peruvians who support the Communist Party of Peru (PCP).
     Written by a prisoner of war in Lima's El Fronton
     prison. Andean flutes, guitars, percussion.
     (In Spanish, 1989)

     Guerrilla fighter,
     Red heart, you are going to the base areas
     Come and tell me how People's War
     Is flourishing in the Andes Mountains.

     The red banner is flying on the mountaintops
     Showing the way towards a new Peru
     The world of the hammer and sickle
     With Chairman Gonzalo and his light

     The sun is already setting over the old order
     The new dawn will bury it
     To those whose tiny plots were watered by their blood
     Are harvesting the seeds of the future

     Quillincho, warrior brother,
     Red heart, you are going to the base areas
     Tell the little pucuy
     To give the order for the final assault

     Develop the base areas
     This is the great slogan you are carrying out
     The field will grow green again
     With the red star of the new political poser

     Because in our country we are storming the heaven
     And the sun s rising on the horizon
     The armed struggle is defeating darkness
     Long live Maoism! Long live the PCP!