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"Yankee Go Home"
                                         Peru 1509

     Lyric sheet excerpts:

     Lima 1985 - no surprise
     the pope blessed those who oppress
     should go and confess
     admit he's siding with those who suppress
     scolding those who carry the load
     telling them not to be bold
     to bless to say yes to the forces who repress
     people's reply - we are not fickle
     against the night sky blazed the hammer and sickle
     on the hill high and it was not little
     rulers realize they're in a pickle
     some people got up tight but Sinead she got it right when she saw red
     tore the pope into shreds full stream ahead

     Yankee Go Home

     Peru the next Vietnam
     Cos "war on drugs" is a sham
     "War on drugs" hit us here
     and our sisters and brothers there
     the US lie, their alibi
     their supposed reason why
     they are on the revolutions case
     setting up another green beret base
     and meanwhile on the western wireless
     silenceio on US and Fujimori violence